Welcome to Success Academy


Success Academy consists of both elementary (4th, 5th and 6th) and middle school (7th and 8th).  Our school serves students who have been transferred from their comprehensive school sites and need highly-structured academic, behavioral and social emotional support.  Our goal is to return students to a comprehensive school site with stronger academic and social emotional skills; we also help students set clear goals for the future.

Success Academy supports students in building self-esteem, independence and resilience.  Our goal is to prepare them to transition back to the comprehensive system.  In a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, students are empowered and encouraged to assume responsibility for their own behavior and the natural consequences that follow.  To support the development and achievement of these goals, students and their families are provided the opportunity to work closely with clinical therapists, counselors and case managers on site.  



School Mission


Success Academy is a part of the Sacramento City Unified School District, serving students from all comprehensive schools within SCUSD.  We are an alternative program, dedicated to using therapeutic approaches to give students an opportunity to succeed in school. They will learn skills that will aid in their success as they return to a comprehensive school site.  Our goal is to empower and build upon students strengths by supporting them academically, socially, and emotionally.  We achieve this through individualized and small group instruction, counseling, and community partnerships.  

Success’ vision and mission will be realized through:

  • The implementation of small group instruction
  • Developing relationships with community partners to provide additional resources to our students and families
  • Supporting students with creating a plan to achieve both short-term and long-term goals
  • On-going counseling and prevention support
  • The implementation of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support  (PBIS) within the classroom and school wide
  • Creating and maintaining a safe environment that fosters growth and development
  • Teaching of skills to improve their self-worth
  • Celebrating all achievements
  • Fostering a collaborative relationship with guardians and families
  • Working to address their individual academic, social and emotional needs

School Vision


Success Academy promotes students ability to achieve current and future goals by encouraging: 

  • Inspired lifelong learners who foster an appreciation for education.
  • Resourceful thinkers who independently and creatively strive to solve complex problems through reflection, risk-taking, and critical evaluation.
  • Empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve academic, personal/social, and post-secondary success, and to reach their fullest potential.