Starting School

Starting School at Success Academy


Intake Process

Intake at Success Academy

  • Success Academy receives a referral from the SCUSD Student Hearing and Placement Department.
  • Success Academy office manager will call to schedule an intake appointment with the parent/guardian and student. These appointments will take place, usually, in the afternoon. 
  • Intake appointments will take at least one hour.
  • Parents/guardians, student, teacher(s), counselors and principal will meet together for an intake session.

Information that will be discussed in the intake meeting will be (but not limited to):

  • Discipline record
  • Grades
  • Goals
  • Counseling needs
  • Family needs
  • Readmission goals
  • If necessary, the family may meet with the school counselor separately
  • Community partners and the support they provide
  • School rules and expectations

 Scholar will attend school the next day

  • They will complete a series of academic placement tests.
  • After initial assessments, the student will begin in class.

Upon return to a comprehensive school site, a scholar evaluation form will be completed. A copy of this form will be given:

  • To the receiving school
  • To the parent
  • To the hearing office files
  • Placed in the student’s cumulative folder



Our on-site counselors will be offering services to each student and their families.  The counselor will meet with students individually and in-group settings.  Counseling support is a requirement to attend Success Academy.  The counseling team will design sessions around the individual needs of the students, including such topics as: anger management, career and academic opportunities, gang involvement, substance abuse, building self -esteem, problem-solving and social skills.  Family counseling will also be offered. 


School to Home Communication

Our staff takes great effort to provide frequent, positive, helpful communication with our scholars’ families.  We do this through daily behavior reports (elementary), regular phone calls, automated voice messages, home visits, Individual Education Plans (IEP), Student Support Team (SST), Student Support Plan (SSP) and parent events.  Families are always welcome on campus, and are encouraged to ask questions, as needed.

Success Academy’s goal is to keep communication open with the families. Please be sure to keep all contact information up to date.